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My name is Shaun Dagnall

Hey there, welcome to Turntable! I'm Shaun Dagnall, our visual lead, and I'm not your typical photographer and videographer – I'm a storyteller on a mission: to turn your unique sound into art that parallels its message.

My seven year journey in visuals has been all about refining my skills in creating immersive stories that get to right to the core of what an artist is about, and figuring out how to make practical content shine. I'm super committed to giving you art that's beyond your expectations, and is personal to you. 

Alongside me, we have a team of videographers, photographers, and graphic designers - so whatever your project, we have the team to build around you. If you're interested in working with us on any of our visual or marketing services, hit up the form at the bottom of the page!

Music Videos

What does your music look like?


Music Videos

What does your music look like? 

We offer many different options for music videos and content, including behind the scenes coverage, drone work, studio shoots, acoustic covers and more! 

Artist Imagery & Press

You'll need up to date images when those publications come calling. We offer headshots, conceptual shoots and creative direction.


Attach a face to the name.

It's important that your fans get to meet you with their eyes as well as their ears. As an artist you'll always need imagery! 


When you need some guidance, we're here to help. Don't throw away time & money unnecessarily!

Content Creation

Expand your influence outside of just the music. Content will transform the casual listeners into the super-fans, allowing them to become emotionally invested in  your story.


Whether it's for memories or marketing, coverage is an essential part of event planning and promotion!

Get in contact to book now!

Our Services

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