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A New Music Studio in Wokingham Opens for Business

This is a truly exciting time for the music scene in Berkshire - for years we’ve had only the likes of rare torchbearers like The Amazons and Sundara Karma to look up to, but the last couple of years have seen an unprecedented string of artists getting national radio play and building their fanbases - and now with Turntable, they have a space to match.

Turntable is a collaboration between leading Berkshire creatives in all areas of music: from production, to content, to audio, to consultancy. Between us, we can cover all bases for a musician, so an artist can come to us with an idea for a project, and leave with a complete package, and the knowledge of how to best get it out into the world.

At Turntable itself, musicians have access to state of the art equipment. The recording studio is fully sound proofed, with acoustically treated rooms. Within the recording suite is the control room, vocal booth and drum booth. This sits alongside a lounge area that has entertainment facilities from games consoles to Netflix, to allow artists and creatives to relax and work freely in a peaceful and stimulating environment. On the visuals side, there’s a content studio equipped with multiple backdrops of brick, wood, multiple colours, and art by local creatives, which serves as a creative space for short form social media content, and music videos.

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and a labour of love setting up this space - but I’m so excited about the team around me, and I’m looking forward to helping artists in our local community to stand out on a national level“ - Brandon James, Production Lead

“I’ve loved working with artists informally for years. To have the chance to take that to the next level, in a space like Turntable, with some of the most talented creatives in Berkshire, is a dream come true.“ - Alex West, Strategic Lead

“Creating visuals to accompany artist’s projects has been a long time passion of mine. I love to find new ways to tell an artist’s story, so it’s an honour to work in such a welcoming community, and a space which is so inspirational!” - Shaun Dagnall, Visuals Lead

Our launch party welcomed a select few local musicians, managers and creatives into the space to have a first look for themselves. We’re excited to see how our community grows over the coming weeks and months.

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