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Welcome to Turntable Media, your gateway to premier marketing and consultancy services to help you grow and stand out within an ultra-competitive music industry!

Our goal is to get your music heard by the right ears and your image in front of the right eyes. We believe in artist development through one-to-one sessions and workshops with our creative team, alongside the traditional routes of social media marketing and branding. We use our knowledge and contacts to propel artists, record labels, and music-related businesses to new heights.

Partner with us for online growth, a more committed fan base, and data driven results. We offer much more than just digital marketing, so let the music play, and allow us to guide you to stardom.


Unlock your music's full potential by contacting us today via the form below to start your journey to success. We're excited to tell your story! 



I'm Alex West

I lead the consultancy and strategy at Turntable Media.

As a radio presenter, I hear hundreds of new tracks every week - and while the elements of good campaigns are often similar, every artist is different. I love thinking outside the box and getting to the core of what makes you tick as a person, a creative, and an artist - and then envisioning how to show that off to the world in the best possible way. 
How do I get more gigs? How do I turn my followers into fans? How do I get on the radar of radio stations and blogs? If you have any of these questions, then get in touch below, and I can help you make your next steps as an artist the largest leaps you’ve taken yet.
Making Tiktoks 24/7 in search of a viral video won’t work for every act. A traditional radio campaign with a polished press release and shiny new photos won’t work for every act. Playing live as often as possible won’t work for every act. But a tailored approach which focuses on an act’s strengths will be far more likely to work than taking a generic route.
I also believe in value for money. So I don’t consult with every artist that comes my way, as I want to be sure that I can add value to every project I’m involved with. If I can’t see that happening - I’ll always signpost to some things to do instead, which might be more worth your money at this moment on your journey!

1 to 1 Consultancy

This is the go-to session if you want to see what steps you can take in developing your career in music. You send us some details on where you're at, we prepare a strategy, and then we deliver this to you in a half hour or one hour session, with room for any specific questions you have.

Creative Direction

If you're stuck with direction on a specific campaign, or your social media, we can help. We can devise a tailored strategy, which fits your goals as a creative, whilst also ensuring you don't sacrifice on authenticity.

Grant Applications

In music, access to funding can be a huge factor in success, and applying for it can be daunting. Our team members have all secured funding for artists and organisations in the past, and can guide you through the process.

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