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  • Can I book a session outside of operating hours?
    Yes of course, we understand artists and creatives operate on limited time. Please use the contact section to get in touch and we can book you in manually.
  • Do you offer rehearsal space?
    Unfortunately due to limited staff we don't offer the studio as a rehearsal space yet.
  • Do you offer individual services for visual content?
    No two projects are the same, so for a tailored price for your project, please get in touch at our booking section for a quote or use the Contact Us tab.
  • What genres do you work with?
    We work with all genres of music, due to our team of versatile in house creatives, who have between them worked on everything from RnB to DnB, and grime to metal.
  • Do you facilitate full band recording?
    Yes, indeed. We facilitate for recording all styles and instruments.
  • Is there a smoking area?
    There is a dedicated smoking area outside the building; the building itself is a no smoking zone.
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